Attention Married Couples. Take a fresh look at your Marriage. Consider participating in a Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekend and enrich your lives together. It is a unique approach aimed at revitalizing Christian Marriage.

Upcoming dates for 2016:

  • February 17-19 2017 – St. Anthony Retreat Center Kalihi Valley Oahu
  • July 21-23 2017 – St. Theresa Church, Kihei Maui
  • November 3-5 2017 – St. Anthony Retreat Center Kalihi Valley Oahu

For more information contact Lee & Tanya Barbero @ (808) 268-1578 on Maui or Jose & Mary Elizabeth Alvior @ (808) 391-2045 on Oahu; or visit our website at  Registration deadline 30 days from start of the Weekend.